Crosman Pumpmaster 760

With over 12 million copies sold, the Crosman Pumpmaster 760 is an American made hybrid that shoots both BB’s and pellets. This .177 caliber hybrid is another multi-pump pneumatic air rifle that accommodates the classics, with a built in reservoir and no need for a portable pump.

BB’s fly at 645 FPs while pellets come out at 615, so definitely on the low side for the caliber. The Crosman Pumpmaster 760 is not meant for the advanced user or for hunting game, but more for target practice and beginners. There are loads of options for ammo available, so the actual air rifle itself is somewhat multiuse in that it performs multiple functions because it is a hybrid, and on different levels.


Crosman Pumpmaster 760

The 760 will never be mistaken for a powerhouse, or even for a fairly accurate air rifle. Mods are the rage with this model, and several modifications can be made to generally turn this into whatever the user wants it to be. It should also be noted that the 760 is a non-rifled barrel, further removing the idea that this is a serious contender in the accuracy department or for serious air rifle users. Although in production for over decades, the air rifle remains pretty much the same, and is even one of the lightest on the market at 3 lbs.

The Crosman Pumpmaster 760 is not a serious rifle and is definitely intended for fun use, and is a perfect beginner air rifle for many. It’s also not as loud as other air rifles, but that is mostly due to its lack of power to begin with. The look is smooth and professional, but not as eye catching as a Benjamin 392 or 397. But for what it is intended to do, the Crosman Pumpmaster is a very well rounded air rifle.

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Crosman Pumpmaster 760 - 2With the ability to use BB’s as ammo, the Crosman 760 doubles as a BB repeater and shoots them out at 645 FPS. A 200 shot reservoir feeds the 18 shot magazine for long durations of uninterrupted shooting. For obvious reasons of safety, users should never shoot BB’s at metal objects. This is warned in the manual as well as on several safety sites when using BB’s, and can sometimes be overlooked when switching from shooting pellets to BB’s. The 18 shot magazine is well made, and placement is completely unobtrusive to the entire air rifle. Even though the Crosman 760 houses two types of ammo, it still remains light and maintains a pretty comfortable design.

The BB’s won’t exactly get rid of pest but would irritate them enough to come after the shooter, so be forewarned- BB’s are for target practice and general plinking only. The gun is so light that there is barely any recoil, and when shooting from the BB reservoir there is a slight difference than when using .177 pellets. The loading of BB’s is also quite different than pellets, and younger shooters will need to be shown a few times how to load properly for both types of ammo.

BB’s are not as accurate as pellets, so when switching from one to the other the accuracy improves tremendously. It’s safe to say that this is two different air rifles in one when using BB’s and pellets, and the young shooter may end up favoring one over the other. For those living within a budget, BB’s are easy to come by in batches and at a lower price, much like .177 pellets are cheaper and plentiful compared to .22 pellets. If the general idea is just for basic training and target practice, the option to use the cheaper BB’s becomes a very attractive option.

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Crosman Pumpmaster 760 - 1Serving as the superior firepower in this hybrid, the Crosman 760 Pump can be loaded with .177 caliber pellets. Ranging from Diablo form to even dart form, the variety of pellets available to this single shot pellet air rifle are plentiful, and won’t hurt the wallet. When using pellets there is a promise of 615 FPS, which is rather on the low side of the spectrum for this caliber. The pellets are loaded into a 5 shot clip, and with the added 18 shot magazine for the BB’s, makes a nice combination for hours of shooting. Three to ten pumps packs enough power to give that respectable FPS, and is easy enough for kids to master.

If using as a training tool, one can easily start the beginning shooter off with the more inaccurate but easy to load BB’s. Once mastered, they can move the shooter on to the more accurate and harder to load pellets. With the plethora of pellets available in the market, then it becomes a game of feel of what works best with the air rifle and what the user is more comfortable with. But once again, even with the pellets, this is not a suitable hunting air rifle.

Even with heavy pellets the muzzle energy is easily under 5 lbs. and not appropriate for humane hunting.

BB’s and pellets can’t be shot at the same time, so it is important to know what is loaded when before firing. Three pumps is the minimum and a max of four should be fine for indoor shooting, outside it can be maxed out for more power. Even if the only use is for target practice, with the cost of BB’s and pellets and being able to choose either ammo, it is good value for the money. A last look at Crosman BB’s in six thousand count had them at less than ten dollars, to give a user just a general idea of the low cost factor associated with owning the Crosman 760. This is in comparison to .177 pellets that usually retail at around the same price but come in packs of five hundred.

Hollow point pellets are of a higher quality than your standard BB ammo, but if the overall point of the ammo at the time is for fun, then it is easy load up on BB’s for an entire month with the change in the couch.


Crosman Pumpmaster 760 - 3A lot has been made of the quality of the Crosman Pumpmaster 760 when compared to the older model, mostly in terms of build. It’s a fair assessment as the parts are a lot cheaper and less durable by comparison, but doesn’t mention the fact that there are extra bells and whistles for the troubles. As far as the build quality goes, it is considered a mid to low grade Crosman. It is so light that it effects actual shooting, and is amazingly under three lbs. This works well for the beginning shooter but could possibly be a big hurdle when moving on to an air rifle of better quality, as weight will definitely factor in with how shots are handled as well as the hold. The original would have actually been a better starter air rifle, as it was made of metal and wood. The light plastic of the Crosman Pumpmaster 760 makes it feel more like a toy, and cheap, even if the quality of the actual air rifle is pretty good.

For a remanufactured 760, it lives up to its purpose of being fun to shoot with. The fixed blade front sight with adjustable rear sight is underrated, mostly due to there being no windage adjustment, which for an air gun used mostly for fun is not a huge loss. There is an included green fiber optic front sight and notch blade rear sight that does more than enough as it is, considering that this particular model is not going to give incredible groupings to begin with. It needs to be stressed once again that this is very much a starter air rifle, nothing more and nothing less.

Why Purchase?

There are easily a handful of better air rifles for shooters that want to target practice or even do pest control. They shoot faster, they have more features, and are more specialized. They won’t be classified as beginner air rifles though, and they won’t be as easy and as light to use. This old classic has found new legs in the next generation, and is even enough to cross genders- a pink version is available for the female shooter, which would definitely go over well as a Christmas of birthday present. The Crosman Pumpmaster 760 is a starter air rifle that goes out of its way to not be the usual overkill for the beginning shooter.

By purchasing the 760, with the proper supervision it would be easy for any shooter to go from a beginner to gradually intermediate, with a good idea of what they want in their next air rifle. The brand loyalty may even continue, as Crosman has many intermediate air rifles to choose from with the same familiar first stage trigger. Although not the most complete and durable air rifle on the market, there is no better air rifle for both fun and an introduction to the community than the Crosman Pumpmaster 760.

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